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What Can I Do?

I can turn your vision into a website custom designed to meet your unique needs. I can also design your company logo, brochures, forms, letterhead, cards and advertisements. I typically use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign for graphics and publishing. I can also work in Microsoft Word.

How Do I Do It?

To save time and money as well as give you more control, I use WordPress. 30% of the websites out there today are based on WordPress. Once everything is in place, this framework provides the luxury of user-friendly controls to maintain, change, and update the website.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular tool for creating websites. WordPress is capable of creating any style of website, from a simple blog to a full-featured business website. The unique framework used by a WordPress website is called a theme. Themes are a relatively inexpensive combination of features that work together for the basic, functional design. By utilizing the built-in features your content can be used to customize the pages of your website. It is good practice to keep your design consistent throughout, but you can venture out and add or change features of your pages. You will not be bound to just the features you saw in the theme’s demo.

The addition of features that enhance the functionality of your website can be done quickly compared to manual coding. Those features usually come in the form of plugins. Your eCommerce storefront, accounts registration, contact and other forms, commercial mail campaign, or special photo, video gallery and sliders can be built in, customized and implemented in a relatively short amount of time. Plugins allow for easy adjustments, additions, and future changes to those features.

Choosing a Theme

I have added links to some theme companies at my other website. Each company will have a collection of themes they have created. Each theme will have a live demonstration that you can go to. These companies are merely suggestions. I can use themes from any source. You can shop for a theme yourself, we can choose one together, or you can describe what you want and have me choose one.

Once the Website is Done

Some clients prefer to take over the incremental maintenance tasks themselves. Thanks to the nature of WordPress, with very little training you can access, maintain, and even make changes to your website or I can return for any future needs. I will be here for your support. It will otherwise be easy for anyone with experience to work with it in the future.

How Will People Find My Website?

The primary method for getting your site to show up in the search engines is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basically, it is a way to associate key words and phrases along with descriptions with your website and its pages. It is a relatively simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering. In many respects it’s quality control for websites. Great Content encourages people to go to your pages and shows Google™ your pages are interesting and authoritative. This leads to search engine success because Google™ wants to show interesting and authoritative pages in its search results. It’s that simple! We can also get your website on Google by using Google My Business and a Google Adwords campaign. Your website will start showing up when people are searching for your products or services. There are also Bing, Yahoo, and many commercial listing services that can be used. Some are free and some are not. With good SEO work, you need not pay for people to find and click on your website.

WordPress Advantages SEO Explained |

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Design for Money Art

You will find that I offer competitive pricing. While I can still be considered new to the website design trade, I will discount that competitive price. Each job is different, so we will need to discuss what your website will need and the terms of our agreement. I can work with almost any budget and you can be protected with a signed contract.

My quotes are based on $35.00 per hour. An average website runs around fifteen to twenty hours. Some may be less and some may be more. You might find others out there with pricing that low but most will be higher.

Typically, I will estimate the amount of time it will take to complete your website and we will set a limit on the number of chargeable hours. We can set a specific price and that’s it or, if you are still thinking of things you want to add, then estimates can be added as we go along. I can be flexible and accommodate the best method that will work for you.

Give me a call and remember, the more you can tell me about what you want, the more accurate my estimate can be and the sooner you can have a completed website.



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Who Is Sungraffix

Hi, I am Robert Heston. I am a freelance artist living in Raleigh, NC. I offer services as a web developer, graphic designer and desktop publisher. I recently earned a degree in Web Technologies and I have many years of experience in graphics and publishing.

Working in the printing and publishing business, I started using desktop computers as soon as they came out. Apple computers were a standard in the graphics business. I have been a graphic designer, desktop publisher, pre-press specialist, and pre-press department manager. My employment was usually in a commercial printing company and I worked freelance. As a pre-press department manager, I enjoyed the challenge of a fast paced, high stress, busy printing company. I would work with everyone in the company and the clients.

Customers would come in with their digital files and more often than not, they will have created them on a Windows PC. Eventually, I had a PC sitting next to the Macs on my desk. For quite a while that situation created a lot of compatibility issues. My final output needed to come from a Mac. Many of my customers came to me because they had been turned away by other printing companies. Those companies did not like files created in “Print Shop Pro” or “Microsoft Publisher” or the one fellow who wanted to bring his letterhead, business card, and brochure as CAD files. I would tell them to bring their application installers. If there was not a common file format, there was always a common denominator, Postscript. Print to file as Postscript, convert to PDF with Adobe Acrobat Distiller, and edit with Adobe Illustrator. Adobe created Postscript. Fix the colors if needed and output from a Mac.

image - photo of Robert in front of a press brake machine

The printing business has changed drastically. Many of the small to mid-sized companies have bit the dust or are just hanging by a thread. The last related company I worked for, Cox Target Media, is a very large company and they had devalued the computer graphics artist and pre-press specialist and barely, if at all, paid a living wage. About 50% of our country has been relegated to such. Until I entered school, I had been making significantly more setting up and operating equipment in a machine shop. When I was eventually laid off from that, I needed a solution. There were no openings in the printing business around my area or anywhere near that I could find. Enter Forsyth Technical Community College.

graduate school image

Early on with my career in graphics, some of my best learning experiences have come while learning on the job from experienced professionals who were willing to share their knowledge. Forsyth Tech has enabled me to gain some basic skills but there is no end to what can be learned. This is why if I were to go to work for someone as a beginning Web Developer I would like to find a position with a company that will be supportive with an entry level employee. In the meantime, I will continue to advance my knowledge and skills. As it was with graphics, once I get the basics, I can learn on my own.

Web Tech Degree Image

Now that I have a degree and before I go to work for someone else, I will try working as a Freelance Web Developer. I have worked for others all of my life for the most part. Perhaps now can be a good time to get rid of the middleman. As my resume shows, I can do both at the same time. Not only can I design websites, but I can still be a Graphic Designer and Desktop Publisher. All those years of experience working as a professional in graphics and publishing give me an advantage over many other Web Developers. I now have the abilities to do all the graphics, publishing, and web design for any company or individual. My experience in the printing and related business gives me the added ability to manage all of a client’s printing, publishing, advertising, signage, specialty graphics, screen printing, and website.

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